Ballet workshop 2018 with mister Marek Rózycki

Ballet Workshop (bar, middle, jumps and​ pointe work) with Mr. Marek Rozycky, artistic director of the State Ballet School of Berlin
la syphide one
Age groups: Age​1​: 9-11 years ​and ​Age​​2​:​ 12 – 15 years
10:00 – 12:30 Age 1
14:00 ​- ​16:30 Age 2
Location: 1st Floor 12-14 ​Parintele Galeriu​ Street​
May 20, 2018
Marek Rózycki, Associate Artistic Director at the Berlin State Ballet School

Marek was educated in the Poznan State Ballet School.
His first professional engagement was with the Polish Dance Theatre under Conrad Drzewiecki, who was at this time the most innovative choreographer of polish dance scene. Further he was engaged at the Bremer Dance Theatre, Deutsche Oper Berlin Ballet and Ballet of the Staatsoper Berlin. His repertoire includes various roles from world famous classical and contemporary repertoire while he had the privilege to work with world famous classical and contemporary choreographers.
As first Ballet master and choreographic assistant he worked in Peter Schaufuss Dance Company in Denmark and Berlin Ballet Company of the Komische Oper Berlin where he was also the Associate Artistic Director of this company.
He is teaching ballet in Europe, Asia and both Americas and is desirable judge by the world renowned ballet competitions.
Presently he executes the position of Associate Artistic Director at the Berlin State Ballet School. He continues working with his other interest such as choreographing, guest teaching and collaborating with different Artist (Film, Photography, Art, and Music).