Competitions 2011/12

Bucharest – DWC Romania Qualifier
Solo awards
Children Solo Ballet 2nd place variation Basil – Cosmin Marinescu
3rd place variation Quitri – Sofia Onofrei Sitaru
Children Solo Ballet en pointe 1st place variation Fairy Doll – Cojocariu Teodora
2nd place variation Zana Violentei – Maria Bodea
Group awards
Children Quartet Ballet 1st place Little Swans
Bucharest : ESDU Romania
Solo awards
Children Solo Ballet 2nd place Basil Variation – Cosmin Marinescu
Group awards
Children Group Ballet 1st place Little swans
Juniors Group National/Folklore 2nd place Gipsy Dance
Children Group Ballet 3rd place Wiener Polka

These dances have qualified for the ESDU final in Porec, Croatia 2012! Due to the big score also Andreea Mihaiu has qualified in the category Children Solo Ballet.


Finala DWC 2012
1st place Little swans – Children Quartet Ballet
Finala ESDU World Dance Masters
2nd place Little swans – Children Group Ballet