Every child is important because it represents the color, the soul and the joy of La Sylphide family, joy manifested in wonderful and colourful performances, in study hours led by competent and communicative teachers, in days full of positive emotion in shows, national and international festivals and competitions.

Lorelei Bari, founder of La Sylphide Ballet School

Recreational Dance
ballet and contemporary
Academic courses
ballet, contemporary dance, repertoire and character dance



They are created for
all children
(from age 2½ years)
who want to fly
on the wings of dance.

Recreational courses created for

Children of tender years /infancy

who want to be graceful and to show their talent on stage.


The children are divided by age group
so we can address each one
according to their understanding.

Through La Sylphide courses we want every child to have as many benefits.




They are designed to fulfill the children’s dream to pursue a career in dance.

La Sylphide is the only private school in Romania

in which you can follow on a professional basis and under the guidance of a team made out of high class teachers ,ballet courses, character dance and contemporary dance (individual and group).


La Sylphide academic courses gives children the formal necessary skills of acceding in any professional ballet school in Europe.

Meanwhile, the children can attend general education or high school in any school they desire, so as to have performance in terms of general culture and ballet.

The professional character is given by:

»Length of service and quality of teachers,

»Organization of groups,

»Number of classes

»And the results up to this point of the school.