Recreational Dance

Baby Ballet

children from 2½ years to 4 years

It is structured so that helps children develop physical coordination, spatial orientation, sensory development, creativity and self-expression, individual to work with a partner or as a group. The strength of the system is that learning is done through dance, agreeably and fun.


children of 4-5 years

Created especially for children 4 -5 years with a schedule containing age-appropriate exercises specifically designed for the easy names and specific music help children to form musical education, learning and discipline much needed space for a harmonious and an elegant outfit.


children of 5-6 years

We continue on the same line exercises for muscle strengthening exercises for adding lengthening tendons, everything Of course, appropriate to their age and ability to concentrate.

Youngsters advanced

Children between 6 and 7 years

Children grow, so the exercises became more complicated, combining floor exercises with exercises containing jumps, half-point lifting, small pirouettes and exercises in pairs.

Seniors and seniors preparatory

Children between 7 and 9 years

To the Previous Course program is added muscle exercises that prepare the body to study classical dance, teaching the basics of exercise at the bar, with notions of en dehors and additional exercises for creativity development.


Years 1, 2, 3 .......
Since the age of 9 children begin studying classical dance program by Russian (Vaganova style) exercises at the bar, middle, jumps and pointe *. * Exercises in pointe start at 11 years, according to all European standards given that the study of pointe both muscles and spine needs to be strengthened through preparatory exercises.

Modern and Contemporary Dance

Course designed for children who want dynamic movements without the rigors of classical dance, which enable children to express themselves freely. The program combines elasticity and muscle movements to develop the steps of jazz, street dance, hip-hop, etc.

Recreational program coordinator
Delia Hantiu Coordinator Pipera Office
  • Poza_Delia_HantiuGraduated Choregraphy High „George Enescu”- promotion 1978.
  • Just after graduation she leaves for Constanta, along with the Maestro Oleg Danovschi and becomes a founding member of the Ballet Theatre ,,Oleg Danovschi’. Prim-ballerina from the begining, along her career she has a rich repertoire , with impressive titles :Carmen; The Miraculous Mandarin; Swan Lake ( Odette-Odille ); Nutcracker ( Sugar Plum Fairy, Arabian dance ); Sleeping Beauty ( Carabosse ); Giselle ( Myrtha ); Shehrazada (Zobeida ); Spartacus ( Aegina ); Abraxas (Mephistophella); Cinderella ( Zana); Salomeea; Les Sylphides ; etc.
  • She tours in the whole world and lives unforgetable experiences in: Siria, Italy, Germany, USA, Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Taiwan, China, etc.
  • Besides the person who ,,raised her, formed her and created her” (Oleg Danovschi) she has collaborated with recognized maestros and choregraphers : Harald Wandke, Dietmar Seyffert, Galina Safronova, Inge-Berg Peters, Utte Mittreuter, Constantin Russu, Ioan Tugearu, Miriam Raducanu, Calin Hantiu, Adina Cezar, etc.
In September 2009 she begins the collaboration with Studio Dance La Sylphide .
Lorelei Bari (Classical dance and repetoire)
  • LoreleiMrs. Lorelei Bari is a dancer and teacher whose long experience has turned to account in remarkable results.
  • She attended for nine years the Bucharest High School of Choregraphy, Romania, where she studied subjects such as classical dance, pas de deux, character dance, romanian dance, modern dance, history of ballet, piano, the art of the actor. Upon graduating she continued her professional development and completion on the National Opera stage, in Bucharest and other theatres in the country and abroad.
  • From the begining of her career she discovered the bend for and abilities towards pedagogy which she cultivated in the activity she had in the ballet companies she worked in, as well as in the schools where she taught ballet courses. When she founded her own ballet school ,she conceived an own program and teaching method with the purpose of forming dancers with a multiple professional training, well consolidated.
  • Her method , which is based on the Vaganova one, is adapted to each group of age and individual particularities of the children she is forming. Her communication abilities, adapting to the mental and emotional level of her students, as well as the capacity to stimulate their interest for dance have been the main ways to reach the expected results: recognition on national and international level , awards obtained at prestigious contests such as YAGP; Tanzolymp-Berlin; Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition, New YorkConcours Odyssee France Lyon; Young Stars Ballet Competition, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Livorno in Danza; World Ballet Competition Open, Sibiu, Romania; Dance World Cup, Brighton si Portugalia; Dance Star, Croatia.
  • The good training of her students gave them the opportunity to gain full scholarships at Kozlova Ballet Academy, New York, Ballet Academy at Vienna State Opera, or scholarships at the stages organized by Joffrey Ballet School, USA, Staatliche Balletschule Berlin, Russian Ballet College, Summer School Sorrento Campus or National Conservatory Dance School Lisbon, Portugal. More than that, some students have been accepted to compete their studies in the highest standard schools : Bolshoi Academy, Moscow, Staatliche Balletschule, Berlin, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Danse de Marseille, Zurich Ballet Academy.
  • The consistency by which she followed her pedagocy and artistic purposes has always been stimulated by a creative spirit and her capacity of being analythical and critic gave her the posibility to perfect invariable her methods of work.
Raluca Ciocoiu (Classical dance teacher)
  • Born on June, 4th 1979, BucharestRALUCA_CIOCOIU
  • In 1997 has graduated the Choreography School “Floria Capsali” Bucharest, in the class conducted by Anca Tudor
  • Since 1998 she has been employed by the Romanian Opera House Bucharest, and she performed in the ballet shows “Bayadera”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Casanova”, “Paquita”, “The Nuts Cracker”, etc.
  • In 2008 she was licensed in choreography by the University of Sciences and Arts Gh. Cristea, choreography section.
  • She toured in Netherlands, Italy, Germany, America, etc
Mihaela Iosif (Modern and contemporary dance teacher)
  • mihaela iosifBetween 1998 – 2000 she attends the classes of UNATC "I.L. Caragiale" Bucharest, Choregraphyphy and dances in the productions "Anotimpuri" (Seasons), "Miss Prophana" si "Schite pentru o serbare de iarna" (Drafts for a winter celebration) of the Ballet Company Orion - choregrapher and art director Serghiu Anghel, but also in movies: „Apa plata” (Still water), „Copii de export”(Export children)- at festival „CineMaIubit” UNATC
  • During 1999 - 2008 she developes her career as ballerina, dance instructor or choregrapher in theater productions, shows or dance groups
  • During 1998 - 2013 she gives , at the same time, a great importance to the superior training for her major but also to pedagocy, having a bachelor’s degree in law, a masters’ degree in criminal sciences/ criminalistics and graduated the psihopedagocy module
  • She is a proficent user of English and French and independent user in Italian
  • Since 2013 she is a modern dance and classical teacher at Studio Dance La Sylphide