Useful information



The schedule is set by the school’s management, based on the specifics and needs of each age group.

Punctuality is mandatory. No delays are to be accepted. For absences longer than a week, a medical certification is required so the pupil may be excused.
If due to unforeseen circumstances the courses are canceled, the participants will be announced in due time.

Parents will not participate in the classes, except for special cases and only with the teacher’s approval.


  • Leotard, the color of which being set by the school management;
  • White stockings;
  • Soft ballet shoes.


N.B. Leotards and soft ballet shoes (as well as the costumes for the shows) will be acquired by payment to the management of the school.

The training gear, as well as the costumes for the shows, is to be paid by each student.

On winter holidays and at the end of the school year, we will organize and put on a show on stage. The costs will be divided equally between all participants.