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Simonide de Céos
"La danse est une poésie muette"


Our school's aim is to give children the joy of dancing. Our satisfaction, as teachers, is seeing their smiles and taking pride in their achievements.

And in over 15 years, their achievements have been ours as well: girls whose first steps I have guided have chosen ballet as a profession, getting into prestigious institutions such as: the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Moscow, Royal Ballet School of Birmingham, Ballet and Music University in Munich, Ballet Academy at Vienna State Opera , students at Royal Ballet Academy in London, graduates of the Choreography Faculty in Bucharest, etc.

Children who have discovered the joy of dance as “babies” of our school won prizes at the in world’s greatest ballet competitions (Youth America Grand Prix, Tanzolymp, Kozlova's Ballet Competition and others).

Even if they have chosen other professions, young women stop us on the street and thank us for what we have taught them, and our hearts get warmer, because it is another proof that in our school children grow beautiful, and become truly Human.


In these years we have organized over 50 shows, we have conducted cultural exchanges with Italy, participated in TV shows and have enchanted the eyes of thousand viewers and the hearts of thousand children.

Each year we show your children how beautiful this art is by teaching them not only ballet, but also modern, contemporary dance, traditional dances of different cultures (tarantella, tango, waltz, csardas) as well, and we do it gradually by specially created programs for each age group and study level. Thus, starting with age 4 , by using proper methods and music we manage to succeed for our pupils to dance on Bach, Mozart, Shostakovich and Enescu’s music.


Dance is the art of the movement of the human body in accordance with space and time, and the bond between these is done through rhythm and choreography. This is the definition of dance, as you could find it in specialized dictionaries.

What you will never find mentioned, in any dictionary, is the joy of dance, joy one could compare with seeing the first flower blossoming in spring, the first smile of a child or seeing the rainbow after the rain.

Even if not all our pupils will choose a future linked to ballet , they will all gain from the years spent at La Sylphide Ballet School, elegance in movement and posture, openness to culture and unfading memories of the emotions of being on stage, under the spot lights. The photographs of our nervous but happy little girls, dressed in beautiful costumes, will be shown, in the future, to their own children, whom we are waiting to be our next students.

Therefore, let your children fly on the wings of dance, under our professional, patient and loving guidance.

La Sylphide Ballet School

Francoise Dolto
"Each child is special though his inner livings, through the way he/she is structured by what he/she is feeling or perceiving"